Monday, March 4, 2013


Hey guys, to some of you who may not know, I am no longer using this blog instead I have moved to 

Please leave me a comment or something on what do you want me to talk about in the other blog. The other blog may seem dull and uninteresting but I promise to improvise from time to time. Bare with me as I go through the process. 

I appreciate all of you readers and hopefully you will continue your support by going to my new blog. Or else I might have to continue from here which I am trying so hard not to as there are a lot of unwanted memories here.

Missing you readers from the other side!

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Love You But

Your offhanded attitude drives me up the wall.

It is no joke that I wanna apply for Drake University. I'm determined about it. You should take it seriously too. You should think about my future. My future is everything to me. It's tormenting me to see you take it easily. I need the dough for my education. I'm crucial about it. Have you ever ponder about it? You shall now.

As of for the title, I love you but love won't assure a bright future for me.

Yours sincerely,
Y.E. (your daughter)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bummer Is The Middle Name

Tonight I experienced something which I think was a bummer. At first it kind of started well, but in the end it turns i don't know, confusing? And so in conclusion I say tonight is a bummer.

It was nice and sweet but I don't know. Maybe I'm not the type that you're friendly with or something. However, I still welcome you to the family, support you and my brother from the back and pray that you will be one of us soon. I've always wanted an elder sister that I could share everything with. Maybe this is just the beginning. 

We'll work it out, won't we?

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Second Chance To Live


Good news. If only you care.

I will publish new post every Tuesday and Wednesday or whenever I feel like typing. Obviously today is Wednesday, so here I am, typing new post. You know, sometimes I feel like giving up on publishing new post to my blog. However, I won't stop. Not again. I've to be positive, don't I?

I've been thinking about my studies lately. Like what am I gonna do after I finishes school. What major am I gonna take and which University will suits me best. You know, dilemma that most high school senior have. Hmmpph, I know that it's not time yet for me to think about it, yet I still can't stop thinking about the unnecessary stuff. I should FOCUS!

Bad news.
My Physics paper was a piece of crap. Teacher told that the questions will be from chapter 1 until 2.2 and I studied only those topics. However, during the test, the question ask for something from chapter 2.3 and 2.4. There goes my Physics' paper. Farewell. Die die die! "Congratulations, your Physics paper has ended in smoke once again!"

Oh! Anyway, Maths paper was awesome! I'm very confident that I'm gonna get an A+. It was a pleasure! I've never felt that way before (lie). But it was great. The questions were in the intermediate level and so I get to score. I'm satisfied and proud with myself. I'm happy! (forget about Physics now. I'm gonna improve myself towards success! Yeah!)

That's it. I gotta study Biology now. The test will be on tomorrow so ciao! x

Yours sincerely,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Second to Live

I wonder if there is any one at all reading my post.

I just have like ten minutes or so and I'm gonna post this really quick. I had Additional Mathematics and Chemistry paper today. It was okay. I can't promise an A but I've tried my best though. Oh! History, Malay and English paper was yesterday and it went well. I can do all of them except History. I kept yawning during the paper. I should change my attitude to History. Be a little nicer. Hmmm.
Tomorrow's Physics and Mathematics paper. Pray for me to score both of them though I've been having problem with Physics but eyy! Be positive.

Blablabla, and oh! I wrote a poem the other day. Will share it soon (if only I get the chance to blog). Be patient. That's it for now. Wait for my next post, if there is anybody reading this. x

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Such A Random Typing

They're on their way back but they most probably be here in another 2 hours or so. For that, I wanna post some quick thoughts I've been having for the past few hours. I really have to study but then I watched "She's Out Of My League" and James Morrison's song is now stuck in my head. Ughh. Whatevs.

You should listen to it too though. 

So, I've been thinking about Maysaa a lot. I think I might shop a few of their clothes because obviously, they aren't cheap. I can't afford a haul of clothes from them but a few trousers and maxis will do. That's just my planning though. I don't actually think I would have time to even go through the whole collection. I'd be busy anyway. 

I got History, Malay and English paper tomorrow. Guess what??? I'm not ready. Typical me. I should go through a few pages, don't I? Hmpph, I will. In another 10 minutes. Gosh! That's what I've been telling myself "I'm gonna study after I finish this movie. I will in a few minutes." but I haven't. God please! Help me!

I'm so random. x

Yours sincerely,

The Last Sip Of Ease

As you all know, today is my last day blogging and have a little peace. It saddens me a lot but on the other side, I know, this is the best and that this is for the sake of my own future. Blog can wait. YouTube can wait. Facebook can wait. As I already mentioned on the previous post, SPM is more essential than any of the above sites. 

Last night I went through some videos by local vloggers and I have to say, they inspired me. A lot. I don't know why, but they just did. You can check them out yourself. YouTube : IniAnwarHadi, shortnap, matluthfi90 etc.

So, I told you that I'm gonna post as much as I could but I didn't just because I had no idea what to post about so yeah. This is the last one I'm posting. The next one will be in another 3 or 4 months or so. Just hang in there aite.

Ohh, what else should I say. Hmppphh.....I have no idea. That's it I guess. Wait for my next post. x

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Floating On A Thick Air

And so I still haven't touch a single book. YET. My brother supposed to come to fetch Eateat back to his house but he decided not to, in which I have no idea why because he love Eateat so much that he would call to ask how she is doing. So yeah, Eateat is still here and she's been acting like a mad cat. Running around chasing after nothing. Creepy.

For some reason, I've been eating a lot these past few days. Although I know I have to be all shaped up by the end of this year but I just can't stop digging in the food and shove it into my mouth. I just have this pessimistic thinking that I won't achieve my goal but who knows? God is great. Miracle can happen in less than a second. 

Anyway, I only have tonight and tomorrow morning to blog and so I wanna blog as much as I could even though in a way, it sounds off the base. How can someone post 5 blogs or more in one day? What would the person blog about? Their meals? Their activities of the day? I don't know. I still have no idea. 

Oh! Just so you know, I think my English is getting crummy. I have to speak Malay all the time. I seldom use English at school. Neither at home. It's obvious that in my new school, we don't speak English. I mean I do sometimes, but they don't and whenever I do, they would make fun of me and say that I'm bragging. WTH? Nonetheless, there's a good side of it. I always get the highest score for English. Sigh, I think I should be an optimist and just take the good side of everything. 

Yours sincerely,

Clock Ticks Faster Than My Mind

First off, I've been taking care of my brother's cat "Eateat" for 4 days now and I have to say, I do feel reluctant by it. The first and second day was okay, we connected really well but yesterday, I started to feel disturbed by it following me everywhere every time. 

Anyway, lets not talk about cats, shall we? And so I have monthly test this coming Monday until Friday which I must score, no matter how hard it is. For the record, I haven't prepare for anything. I don't study. Instead, I watch downloaded movies and eat and text and eat again and be a lifeless person. Cool huh?

I really should revise. Especially for the first chapter of every subjects. My mind just refuse to work properly the way it should be. 

I'm starving. I haven't had breakfast. I woke up at 0840 and now I'm starved. I should really get something to load this empty food bank. 

Yours sincerely,

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