Sunday, March 6, 2011

Such A Random Typing

They're on their way back but they most probably be here in another 2 hours or so. For that, I wanna post some quick thoughts I've been having for the past few hours. I really have to study but then I watched "She's Out Of My League" and James Morrison's song is now stuck in my head. Ughh. Whatevs.

You should listen to it too though. 

So, I've been thinking about Maysaa a lot. I think I might shop a few of their clothes because obviously, they aren't cheap. I can't afford a haul of clothes from them but a few trousers and maxis will do. That's just my planning though. I don't actually think I would have time to even go through the whole collection. I'd be busy anyway. 

I got History, Malay and English paper tomorrow. Guess what??? I'm not ready. Typical me. I should go through a few pages, don't I? Hmpph, I will. In another 10 minutes. Gosh! That's what I've been telling myself "I'm gonna study after I finish this movie. I will in a few minutes." but I haven't. God please! Help me!

I'm so random. x

Yours sincerely,

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