Saturday, March 5, 2011

Floating On A Thick Air

And so I still haven't touch a single book. YET. My brother supposed to come to fetch Eateat back to his house but he decided not to, in which I have no idea why because he love Eateat so much that he would call to ask how she is doing. So yeah, Eateat is still here and she's been acting like a mad cat. Running around chasing after nothing. Creepy.

For some reason, I've been eating a lot these past few days. Although I know I have to be all shaped up by the end of this year but I just can't stop digging in the food and shove it into my mouth. I just have this pessimistic thinking that I won't achieve my goal but who knows? God is great. Miracle can happen in less than a second. 

Anyway, I only have tonight and tomorrow morning to blog and so I wanna blog as much as I could even though in a way, it sounds off the base. How can someone post 5 blogs or more in one day? What would the person blog about? Their meals? Their activities of the day? I don't know. I still have no idea. 

Oh! Just so you know, I think my English is getting crummy. I have to speak Malay all the time. I seldom use English at school. Neither at home. It's obvious that in my new school, we don't speak English. I mean I do sometimes, but they don't and whenever I do, they would make fun of me and say that I'm bragging. WTH? Nonetheless, there's a good side of it. I always get the highest score for English. Sigh, I think I should be an optimist and just take the good side of everything. 

Yours sincerely,

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