Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Second to Live

I wonder if there is any one at all reading my post.

I just have like ten minutes or so and I'm gonna post this really quick. I had Additional Mathematics and Chemistry paper today. It was okay. I can't promise an A but I've tried my best though. Oh! History, Malay and English paper was yesterday and it went well. I can do all of them except History. I kept yawning during the paper. I should change my attitude to History. Be a little nicer. Hmmm.
Tomorrow's Physics and Mathematics paper. Pray for me to score both of them though I've been having problem with Physics but eyy! Be positive.

Blablabla, and oh! I wrote a poem the other day. Will share it soon (if only I get the chance to blog). Be patient. That's it for now. Wait for my next post, if there is anybody reading this. x

Yours sincerely,

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