Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Second Chance To Live


Good news. If only you care.

I will publish new post every Tuesday and Wednesday or whenever I feel like typing. Obviously today is Wednesday, so here I am, typing new post. You know, sometimes I feel like giving up on publishing new post to my blog. However, I won't stop. Not again. I've to be positive, don't I?

I've been thinking about my studies lately. Like what am I gonna do after I finishes school. What major am I gonna take and which University will suits me best. You know, dilemma that most high school senior have. Hmmpph, I know that it's not time yet for me to think about it, yet I still can't stop thinking about the unnecessary stuff. I should FOCUS!

Bad news.
My Physics paper was a piece of crap. Teacher told that the questions will be from chapter 1 until 2.2 and I studied only those topics. However, during the test, the question ask for something from chapter 2.3 and 2.4. There goes my Physics' paper. Farewell. Die die die! "Congratulations, your Physics paper has ended in smoke once again!"

Oh! Anyway, Maths paper was awesome! I'm very confident that I'm gonna get an A+. It was a pleasure! I've never felt that way before (lie). But it was great. The questions were in the intermediate level and so I get to score. I'm satisfied and proud with myself. I'm happy! (forget about Physics now. I'm gonna improve myself towards success! Yeah!)

That's it. I gotta study Biology now. The test will be on tomorrow so ciao! x

Yours sincerely,

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