Friday, March 4, 2011

A Way To Express

Things have changed nowadays. Many things. I'm no longer a Facebook-worm. I can't log in to my account for the whole year. It's a deal I made with my aunt. She even made me swore that I would not log in or else I won't get straight A's and so I don't. I don't wanna ruin my SPM result just to log in to my Facebook account. It's not fair. SPM is always essential. I know every SPM candidate would agree with me.

The only time I get to blog is only when my aunt's not around. Like today. I got another 1 day and a half. I think that should be enough for an SPM candidate like myself. At least I got time to share my thoughts.

Today I signed up to take the test and I am now officially an SPM candidate. It was hard, I have to say. Looking at the list of subjects I'm taking for the exam. 9 of them. 9 is a huge number this year. It's everything that matters. 9 is the lock, A+ is the key. I gotta unlock to enter the world of tranquility and prosperity. Yeah, that's what I've been aiming my whole life. Who doesn't?

It's hard to constantly fantasizing something that had never happened. I have to make it come true. I must! Most people know that I've been longing to further my studies to the states. Just like my parents and all I have to do now is work hard for SPM so that I could fly there and make my dream come true. To be honest, that's all that matters to me. Nothing else is more important than that.
I love EVERYBODY though.

Yours sincerely,

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