Monday, April 26, 2010


Why do people always think I'm peculiar? It's not like I'm too weird than anyone else. I'm just FLAKY.
I read "Thin" because I'm interested in knowing how to 
determine whether oneself is anorexic and how they could recover themselves from the disease.
Read the synopsis, psycho! It's not like I wanted the disease just because I'm over-sized!
One more, I do have certain words that I'm sort of mixed up. So, I highlighted them so that I could 
search them in thesaurus. Is that so weird to do? Lo que sea, el vencido!
Anyway, my biology teacher asked me and my classmates to pass up all of our bio books
and turns out, i passed up my bio exercise book 1 and an incomplete lab book only.
I'm sort of having a cold feet for not passing up my exercise book 2 because I'm afraid I
might get scold tomorrow :/ ukhhh, this is soooo sick. When will my life get easier?
To be continued......


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